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Having worked with authors at all stages of their careers, I’ve observed that some people write books, and some become authors. There’s a difference. It’s my intention to demystify some of the publishing process -- especially publicity – and attempt to educate, entertain, and inspire new authors, aspiring authors, and maybe even some established authors.

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You’ll get inspiration and educational articles with publicity tips from myself, other professionals in the industry, bestselling authors and others finding success in this wild world of publishing.

How often will you hear from me?
I’m shooting for weekly and then ultimately twice a week. At some point soon I’ll start doing  Ask Me Anything sessions and answer reader questions directly.

Will this newsletter remain free?
There will always be a free version with the most basic information about publicity, with the intention of making it accessible to all. At some point, I do intend to make some of the content for paid subscribers only. But I’ll give plenty of notice before that happens.

Who are you?
I’m the publicist behind several New York Times bestsellers and thousands of other books. I began my publicity career at Hay House, the publishing house founded by Louise Hay in 1984 that grew to be the world’s largest publisher of self-help books and ancillary products. As the Senior Publicist there for nearly a decade, one of the career defining elements of my job was the 7 years I spent as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s publicist. I started Parallel 33 PR in 2013 and have since worked with many incredible authors. I’m rarely on social media, but occasionally browse Twitter @csammartino33.   

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Some people write books, some people become authors. There's a difference. Behind the scenes stories, tips, and inspiration from bestselling authors and the publicist behind them.


Carina Sammartino
Publicist behind several New York Times bestsellers and thousands of other books.